Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Roundshopper?
A: Roundshopper is a large technology enabled wholesaler that sells you bulk groceries and delivers to your door step in the same day! We allow you to buy bulk goods directly from the Manufacturer at wholesale prices. Currently, Roundshopper is only available to deliver in Harare

Q: Who will deliver the Roundshopper order?
A: Our well trained and diligent staff process the order and make every delivery.

Q: What is the process to place an order on Roundshopper?
A: Visit Then either log in with your
email address and password or create an account if you’re a first-time Roundshopper user.
Add items that you would like to purchase to your shopping cart, checkout and make your payment when your delivery arrives.

Q: How fast does Roundshopper deliver?
A: Roundshopper will deliver within the same day of purchase.

Q: How much does the delivery cost?
A: Delivery in Harare is set to a flat fee of $10.00

Q: How are customer service issues resolved by Roundshopper?
A: We have 24hr support on multiple platforms and for your added convenience we are even available on Whatsapp our custormer’s preferred communication platform.